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Experience of MEC

I got introduced to MEC in the time when I was eager to go abroad for further studies but without a clue of what faculty to choose or what should be my next step. I’m glad that I made the right choice of choosing MEC at the right time. With the professional counselling, I was able to make up my mind.

- Romit Maharjan

Kingsford College

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Wonderful Experience

I was known about Mayor through my friends and it was the best choice. They gave me the right advice from the start. With their help, all the admission related hassle instead became a wonderful experience for me.

- Prabigya Ojha
Diploma & Advanced Diploma (IT)

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Hassle-free experience

It was a hassle-free experience. Great and friendly staffs and home environment.

- Arun Kumar Devkota

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Great experience

I had a great experience. The processing part didn’t bother me at all due to the supporting staff.

- Pujan Silwal
MD Radiology
Cairo University

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Really great experience

It was a really great experience. Thank you MEC.

- Santosh DC
Cairo University

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